Listen to your granny? Surely not! Actually, she’s got some real nuggets of advice that you can apply to your business (and learn some lessons about yourself too).

Here’s why your should listen to your granny…

  1. She tells it like it is: Granny isn’t one to beat around the bush, so if you’ve got a problem and need some honest advice, go ask her. They’ll be no pansying around and you can rely on her for good, honest, advice; no messing!
  2. She can give a new angle on business challenges: So Granny doesn’t know diddly squat about marketing, sales and social media BUT she might surprise you with some brilliant advice if you just explain what the challenge is. We all know we are guilty for working IN our businesses, rather than ON our businesses and sometimes we just can’t see the woods for the trees. An outsider can look objectively at your businesses challenges and can often see what’s wrong straightaway; this is where Granny comes in!
  3. She know that sometimes, old fashioned is best: We live in a digital age where we rely on our computers, smartphone and other tech to keep our businesses running efficiently. There are times though when we just need to forget about the tech, down tools and head off to a quiet corner with a notepad and pen. Granny knows how powerful it can be just to go back to basics. Make some notes, brainstorm, read, listen to music, be creative..anything to escape from the 24/7 tech overload for a while. And whilst we’re on the subject of tech, Granny doesn’t get why you have to email everyone – why don’t you just pick up the phone?
  4. She’s been there, done it, bought the T-shirt: Granny didn’t run her own business necessarily BUT she’s a wise woman with lots of sage advice. Don’t discount business advice from the older members of our society – their life experience can be incredibly valuable when you need a sounding board or listening ear.
  5. She knows how important self care is:  Granny rocks at knowing she needs to look after herself and sod what anyone thinks. If Granny wants an afternoon nap because she had a rubbish nights sleep, she’ll have one. If Granny wants to stay up late doing a crossword, she will. Take a leaf out of her book and make sure you look after your Inner Library too.
  6. She’s not a quitter: One great thing about Granny, is that she never gives up #GranGotGrit! Granny has made it too far in life to start giving up on stuff. You can rely on Granny for some stern (yet encouraging) words when you’re feeling like you want to quit. If you need a kick up the bottom, go see Granny.
  7. She’ll always give you lots of fuss: Even us professional business women need some fuss, especially when we’re feeling totally stressed out and overwhelmed. Sometimes all you need is a nice cup of tea, a couple of custard creams and a big cuddle. Go see Granny – she has tea and sympathy just waiting for you whenever you need it.

“My nan taught me never to put value on possessions but to value family, friends and people. I buy lovely things and enjoy them, but they don’t rule me” – Rebecca Ferguson

Is your Granny an inspiration to you? Has she helped you with sound business advice? I’d love to hear the impact your grandparents have had on your professional life, comment below.

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