How a trip to a spa made me think about branding in business and how entrepreneurs can maximise their brand recognition.

I recently had a spa day with my mum at Bannatyne’s Spa. It felt very indulgent and very wonderful. This guy Duncan Bannatyne knows what he’s doing of course, he’s an ex-dragon from the popular TV show ‘Dragon’s Den’ after all.

It wasn’t until we were sat in the cafe after our spa experience that I noticed a sales carousel in the foyer with various swimwear and accessories on and realised just how big the Bannatyne experience actually is.

For our treatments, we had been massaged with Bannatyne essential oils, there was an extensive range of creams and potions available to purchase and there on the carousel was Bannatyne’s very own swim range, Bannatyne Swim.

B is for branding and B is also for Bannatyne; our robes, towels and slippers had the logo on (available to purchase, of course) as did the crockery and there are a wide range of products available to buy, including fitness wear.

That ‘B’ was everywhere but I didn’t feel B’eed off (excuse the pun) by the end of it. I felt like I had truly A: had a lovely spa experience and B: I had been marketed to by a genius.

It made me think about ways business owners leave money on the table. We come up with our ‘thing’ and sell it…but what if we could expand on things in a way that feels good, all whilst ensuring things are still on brand.

Here are some questions to ponder…

  • Can you expand your product range?
  • Are there any additional services you can offer?
  • What else ‘goes’ with your business? i.e. If you own a pet shop, can you offer grooming services, dog shows, your own branded products, doggy accessories, a dog friendly guide/magazine
  • How can you best maximise your brand in a way that feels ethical?
  • Is there scope for linking up with partners and cross-sharing to each others audiences?
  • Is your brand instantly recognisable?
  • Could you bundle up products/services and offer a no-brainer discount?

Sometimes we need to take ourselves out of the business and work on it, rather than in it. It’s all too easy to miss the bigger picture and get caught up in the day-to-day busyness, when often then are wonderful opportunities right in front of us.

Would you like to…?

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