The start of a new year. A whole new 12 months of opportunity and adventure…
Except no one really talks about the OVERWHELM which can envelop us at what *should* be one of the best times of the year.. until now!

Ever feel like the woman in the picture? When you’re overwhelmed it can literally feel like you’re fire fighting in your business.

Why do we get so much overwhelm in January?

There’s just so much to DO! Here’s an example:

Catching up with emails
Unsubscribing from at least half of said emails
Tax returns/paperwork
Returns/refunds from Christmas presents
School letters to be signed and returned
Goal setting
Year planning
Business workbooks/planners
Booking a holiday to soften the new year blues

And of course, we have lots of offers from people on Facebook to come and do their free amazing 2017 planning course, download their freebie year planning worksheet or buy their new planner! When all we really want to do is scream, nooooooooo, enough already!


And here we have our problem, because we don’t function very well when we’re overwhelmed #sadface

And then we spend more time faffing and procrastinating and less time DOING!

Watch my video below for tips on dealing with new year overwhelm.

Guess what?! They work ANY TIME OF THE YEAR – yay! (Skip to 1:15 to cut to the chase).

This video was first shared in my Facebook group.

Here are my FIVE TIPS for combatting overwhelm

1. Get out of the office/house: Go and get some fresh air. Walking regulates your heart rate and you can stop and smell the coffee so to speak. Clear your head.
2. Work from somewhere else: A change is as good as a rest and being somewhere new can do wonders for your creativity, plus there’s no distractions of housey chores.
3. Write it all down: Use the 3 column rule which I explain in the video.
4. Eat that frog: Do the most important/scary thing FIRST. Eat that Frog is the name of a book written by Brian Tracy by the way! I’m not mad and don’t actually eat frogs…although I do love a good animal analogy.
5. Repeat my mantra: Hear me singing it and shimmying in the video – Talk, Shake, Meditate!

And here are a few more…

• Be an early bird: Mornings are generally most productive so stop putting stuff off and get it done first thing
• Liberty library: Look after you! It’s a difficult time of year so look after your inner library
• Say no!: Stop agreeing to do everything you’re asked. Saying no can be very empowering and it will free you up to work on your lists.

Let me know how you get on reducing your overwhelm, comment below with your tips!

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