Tapping Into Money Challenge

Free 5 Day Challenge Reveals How Female Entrepreneurs Can Start To Attract Abundance By Dissolving Money Blocks & Cultivating Confidence

In this challenge you will…

Discover exactly what is getting in the way of your abundance and prosperity (and why it’s not your fault!)

Uncover and reframe money blocks with my simple guided worksheet activities and videos

Start to increase your feelings of worthiness, so you can call in more of what you deserve

Heal and release old beliefs through powerful tap along sessions using the powerful and scientifically proven Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Can you relate to the following?


You tell yourself “I’m no good with numbers” and use it as an excuse to avoid money matters and financial goal setting in your business. You may feel emotionally triggered whenever money stuff comes up. 


You take on any client who comes your way, even if they aren’t a good fit, because you’re always worried about where the next one will come from. You feel envious of others’ wealth and success and worry there won’t be enough for you.


And most likely undercharge too. You overwhelm your clients with content because you worry about offering enough value. You may have frequent pricing wobbles and worry about whether you’re worth what you charge.

What if I told you that…


What Previous Challengees Say

I really loved the Facebook meetups in the evening. Lovely group of people and I love Suzannah’s laugh to the point that I wanted to crack jokes in order to make her laugh.

I’ve known Suzannah for a few years now
albeit virtually and she’s a super kind soul. Plus the printables for the challenge are impressive.

If you join you’re in for a treat!

Leanne de Araujo

Yoga Teacher

The #1 best thing about working with Suzannah on this hugely important area in our lives was her daily video presence & descriptions along with her amazing workbooks that so skillfully guided you through the daily processes.

Before starting the challenge I was excited as I had done her amazing money journal process which I’d found hugely inspiring. Afterwards I felt just as sold on her way
of working & the process she leads you on.

One ah-ha moment happened through another members creates affirmation. I’ve never been great on affirmations but the few simple words she used really spoke directly to my heart and I thought ‘I do need to say that to myself daily!”

I found it easy to stay on task because I really enjoyed looking forward to where the new day’s step would bring. I found myself eager to get exploring. Each task built in from the last and I could feel myself moving forward in my thinking & practice.

Having not felt connected to the activity of tapping before, I found the tapping very grounding & comforting.

I really couldn’t recommend Suzannah Butcher as a coach, nor her approach & process through such a highly emotive theme highly enough.

Thank you Suzannah, awesome sparkly, deeply compassionate lady!

Helen Bawden

Virtual Assistant, Business Owner

The #1 best thing for me was the feeling of camaraderie I felt among the other participants. Everyone’s energies were uplifting and supportive. These collective energies really added a special boost to the tapping overall. I was a little hesitant at first, but once we got into the live tapping sessions it all just clicked for me.

In our short week I was able to clearly identify some of my major blocks. Still have lots of work to do, but I walked away from this free 5 day challenge with a renewed confidence.

I especially enjoyed the meditations after the tapping. Suzannah has a very calming eneray she exudes. Very genuine. And she really knows her stuff! I highly recommend working with her. I’m looking forward to our mastery classes in 2022. For the first time in a long, long time, I’m actually looking forward to the New Year!

Julia Cole

Business Owner

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