Are you looking to grow your Facebook group? Good! I have some great tips for you.
Over the past 5 years, I’ve started quite a few Facebook groups and have grown them to over 25,000 people combined. Facebook groups have given me another avenue to connect and engage with my audience and ultimately, make sales.

Before I share my tips on how you can grow your Facebook group, it’s worth saying that you need to be really clear about WHO your group is actually for because this will make it much easier for people hit that ‘Join Group’ button. If they know they are going to get some kind of value from your group, the prospect of joining is much more tempting, because let’s face it, there are a LOT of groups out there. You need to stand out above the rest.

Here are my top tips on how to grow your Facebook group…

Make your message CLEAR AF
Ensure you have a great group name – keep it relevant to the content in the group and make sure it’s clear who the group is for. You need to be 100% happy with your group name and URL before you start following these tips. Fill out your group description (you may want to include your group rules/guidelines here too). Don’t be boring – people can read this description before they decide to hit that ‘Join group’ button, so make it quirky and interesting.
Upload a cover image, preferably with your gorgeous face on it
Facebook has a great face recognition feature for group covers, so when your group is suggested or shared, your face will display and this is much more likely to get people click through rather than a boring stock image or logo.
Customise your group URL 
Head to group settings select ‘Customise web and email address’. This makes sharing easier and looks more profesh.
Add your group tags
You can add up to 5 tags related to your niche – use them! It will help Facebook suggest your group to the right people
Add your group location
Again, this will help Facebook put your group in front of the right audience.
Add your friends…BUT!
Please ensure the group is relevant to them AND check they don’t mind BEFORE you add them! Send them a message asking if it’s OK to add them to your group and explain the benefits/value they’ll get from it. Encourage existing group members to add people who they think would find the group of value (following the same ASK BEFORE YOU ADD principle). Seriously, if you add random people who aren’t the ideal audience for your group, they won’t engage and that will affect the FB algorithm…meaning of course, less people seeing your shizzle (and other great member posts) in the long term.
Keep it ‘Private’
Sorry but I’m just not a fan of public groups and rarely join them. People like the exclusivity and safety of closed groups. And don’t make it secret or no-one will be able to find it! If you want to grow your Facebook group, I would definitely advise to set it to closed (you can amend privacy in the group settings).
Link your business page to your group
Head over to your Facebook page and go to ‘Settings’, select ‘Edit Page’. Scroll down to the page tabs and ‘Add a Tab’. Choose the groups tab. Move it near the top using the 3 grey bars on the left. Next head back to your page and click the ‘Groups’ tab. Here is where you can link your group(s). You can link more than one page to the same group.
Link your group to any other relevant groups you manage
Go to group settings and select ‘Link existing group’. So for example, I run a flexible jobs group, of which many of the people joining are running their own direct sales business, therefore I link to my own group. Members can see the linked group and choose whether they join or not.
Have ‘rules’
Yeah I know it’s a bit boring but it’s a great idea to set expectations for your group, or you could be overrun with spam in no time! Keep it light-hearted but ensure you set some boundaries of what is/isn’t acceptable posting. Many groups I’m a member of don’t permit live streaming for example. You can include these rules/guidelines in your group description, as a pinned post, in the ‘files’ section of your group or link to an external page on your website. It’s also another clear message that you take your group seriously and want the best experience for members.
Ensure you’re getting group notifications
You don’t want to be missing posts and vital interactions with your tribe, so ensure you have your group notifications set to ‘All posts’. Follow my NII! (no interaction ignored) principle – watch me explaining it here.
Create a lead magnet on your website to lure people to your group – Mwah ha ha ha!
Create an amazing freebie opt-in/download that people just can’t resist. They’ll also receive an exclusive invite to your group. Add a snazzy sign up box to your website using Magic Action box or Boxilla plugins.
Create a lead magnet ONLY for group members
Have a one-off special lead magnet which people can only access once they’ve joined your group. Keep this special freebie in the ‘Files’ section of your group for easy access.
Ask group entry questions
I’ll be honest, when these first came out I was like ‘Ugh’ but I’ve come to see the value of asking pending members questions. Firstly it wheedles out lurkers, secondly it shows how seriously you’re taking this groups malarkey (we don’t just let anyone in, you know) and thirdly it put off competitors joining your group. Not that you’d mind of course because you’re

“professional” but if you’re worried about people stealing your stuff, they’re unlikely to join if their intentions are less than honourable and questions are likely to put them off. Keep your questions friendly though – it’s not an interrogation. To set up your group questions, head to your group settings and scroll to ‘Membership requests’, hit the ‘Ask questions’ button to set up your questions (I have 2 entry questions for my group but you can add up to 3). Use the information gleaned from your entry questions wisely; you may want to ask something specific related to your niche, in which case I’d recommend creating a basic spreadsheet so you have a record of people’s responses (once you approve people, their responses disappear).
SHARE your group, everywhere
It’s no time to be a shrinking violet. If you want people to come and join your group, TELL ‘EM! Share regular posts on your social media accounts, have the group URL on your bio (and on your personal Facebook bio if you like), add it to your email signature, put a link on your website and add it to your business paraphernalia. Create graphics using Canva to promote your group too. Speaking to people IRL about your group helps too! Get chatting at networking events – talk about your group and the kind of conversations that are taking place in it. Say you’ll send them a special invite via email.
Join the conversation!
This is another way to tempt people to your group. On your other social media accounts tell people what conversations you’re having in your group and post a link with a clear CTA (call to action) ‘Join in the conversation’ and maybe include a custom graphic made in Canva. You want to encourage FOMO (fear of missing out…in a good way, of course) so they are keen to join and get involved.
Be a leader
YOU are the most important thing about your group. No you, no group. Step up and lead your tribe. Be confident, respond to all comments and questions and let people SEE you. This will encourage natural growth as your confidence literally jumps out on all your social media posts and your tribe flock to join your group!
Cross promote in other groups, with PERMISSION
Please don’t join a group in your niche and merrily share your group in it before buggering off never to post again – it’s just RUDE! However, if you are in a group you regularly interact in and think your group may also be of value, then PM the group admin asking if they feel it’s appropriate to share your group – maybe they’d agree if you offer to do the same for them? Many groups have specific promo days which are generally speaking a ‘free-for-all’ but check before posting.
Do ‘nice’ things
Random acts of kindness, impromptu giveaways, member recognition – all lovely ways to create a thriving community which will encourage members to invite people without you even having to ask – yay! Grow your Facebook group through love and trust #allthefeels
Create a low-budget ad campaign on your Facebook page which has a link to your group
(Not free but worth including!)
If you want to grow your group as quickly as possible, then it’s worth considering a £1 day ad campaign to get people in. You can target people in your niche, so it’s a great way to gain more traction for both your page and your group. Add a great image, some compelling text and you’re well away.
No group? Find out how to promote your business in other Facebook groups
(Ok, just one more..)
You may be interested to read my blog on how to use Facebook groups to promote your business too.

I hope you enjoyed reading my tips on how you can grow your Facebook group. Do you run a group? Feel free to link to it in the comments along with a brief overview to encourage people to come and check it out.

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