I was at a festival event recently and was just sitting, enjoying the music and watching some young children kick a football about.

It looked pretty fun!

A boy in our family group was watching too.

He was writhing with joy and I could tell he really wanted to play too.

I observed for a little while, just watching him smile, writhe and wiggle. He kept turning round to see who was watching too, but it was just me and him.

For a moment I wondered why he would be looking round at everyone to see who was watching him.

And then I realised.

He wanted to get permission.

He wanted to make eye contact with someone so they could give him a sign…

A nod of encouragement, a subtle eye movement, or a gesture to say it was ok for him to play too.

I said “Are you going to play too? You can join in, it’s ok”.

And he excitedly nodded his head and off he went.


It reminded me of that longing (actually need) we have to join in, to participate, to be part of something special, to be on the stage, to stand alongside the women in business who are having fun, letting go, playing the business landscape.

When you work on your own all day it can feel like you’re that little child on the outside watching everyone else have fun.

But what if you want to join in too?

You have full permission.

Go join in 💜

  • Join business communities, engage and get involved.
  • Join in with the offline and online networking events.
  • Join in with the webinars, masterclasses and challenges.
  • Join in with the business retreats, the holistic retreats, the soulful retreats.

You might be the quiet one at the back, the loud one at the front and all the things in between.

You might lurk a little, suss out the landscape, and observe.

You might contribute greatly, you might contribute a little.

Whichever you do, however you are…is just perfect.

A team is made up of many different personalities and souls.

Everyone deserves to join in.

You don’t need permission.

But if you want it, here it is 

Would you like to…?

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