Lessons learnt from saying yes ♥️

I thought I’d share this in case it’s useful to any of you.

The thought of speaking in front of a group makes me break out in a cold sweat BUT standing up and being brave is part of my recovery from anxiety and all the other crap which has held me back.

So I volunteered to be guest speaker at my local MIBA (Mums in Business Association) meeting to share the benefits of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping.

Here are some of my tips and reflection from the experience:

Don’t think about it too much – the more you think about saying yes to something, the more likely you are to say noSay yes and work out the details later. Again, overthinking the finer details is a mighty fine way of procrastinating and talking yourself out of it. You’ll work it out.Prepare, but don’t over prepare. You don’t want to sound like a robot, or read direct from a long script. I used revision cards to organise what I wanted to say, using prompt words and imagery.Use all the tools available to you. I listened to public speaking meditations and affirmations, along with using EFT to release fears and blocks. Incidentally something which came up for me was a memory of never being picked in school plays for the ‘good’ roles. I never felt like I was heard as a child. And one role I did get picked for (one liner!) had me feeling so anxious – my teacher was horrible and made me keep going over and over it.Create an NLP anchor – a physical movement that you can do discreetly to reinforce positive feelings.Use essential oils. I bought some lovely lavender balm and also had some calming chamomile oil on my wrists.

This was a small group, so in a way a much easier intro into speaking, but nonetheless still nerve wracking!

All the above tips really helped me and I hope it encourages you to say yes too.


I was relieved when it was over but…

I’m glad I said yesI’m glad I preparedI’m glad my husband found me a lucky conker to take with meI’m glad I was honestI’m glad I shared my storyI’m glad I shared EFT and it’s benefitsI’m glad people seemed to be listening and taking notesI’m glad people asked me questions and I could answer themI’m glad I won my internal battle with my anxiety demonsI’m glad I bloody did it! 💪🏼💪🏼

So, the message, SAY YES!!!

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