Affirm with me: “I love seeing how spiritual wealthy women are making a difference in the world and showing others what’s possible.”

I was one of those people who definitely got the memo in childhood that rich people were either…

  • Greedy
  • Bad/mean
  • Lucky/privileged
  • Selfish

And most likely a cocktail of all these attributes!

If you can relate to hearing negative money messages in childhood, did you know that you might subconsciously be blocking money flow into your life?

If you hold a core belief that you’ll be a shitty person if you get rich, your subconscious will find ways to ensure that doesn’t happen. Hello sabotage, my old friend!

PSA: It’s not your fault. This programming often happens generationally and culturally.

Most of our core beliefs are formed before we are 7 years old and we go through life never really realising what they are…and even if we do realise, we don’t think to question them and think to ourselves “is this really the truth?”.

The good news is, things can change and it all starts with awareness…

Try and ‘catch’ yourself whenever you think negatively about money and start journaling on what comes up – definitely try tapping too, because it’s great at shifting the subconscious stuff.

Actively look for spiritual wealthy women on social media and give them a follow to be inspired by how they are making a difference in the world through educating and helping others, along with their philanthropic activities and campaigns for social justice. There are some amazing rich people out there doing great things!

If you’d like to delve into money mindset a bit deeper, check out The Abundance Hub for some free resources.

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