I had to have a word with myself yesterday.

This business malarkey plays havoc with my self-esteem.

Literally have felt on a roll with a capital R these past few weeks.

I’ve felt confident, visible, determined and unflappable.

I have been productive AF.

I’ve made new connections.

And that’s exactly the time when my long time buddy self-doubt makes an appearance 👋

He waits in the wings like dehydrated leech just waiting for me to get close enough to latch on.

He starts sucking away my confidence, reminding me I’m not that great…who do I think I am?

Draining me of my mojo, my life force.

But I’ve talked him down.

Said not today thank you.

Told him I can do this thank you very much.

I’ve had to peel the little shit off me!

Who else has a self-doubt buddy waiting in the wings?! 🙋🏼‍♀️

Sharing this because I know you probably do and to reassure you that it’s 💯 normal.

Everybody does.

Even those people who seem to have it all together.

They don’t.

What works for me is..

  • Knowing it will pass
  • Tapping on the emotions coming up for me
  • Reinforcing the positive feedback I’ve had
  • Knowing everyone goes through it
  • Allowing myself to feel the feelings – notice…acknowledge…accept…release
  • Meditating on the feelings
  • Writing about the feelings – being curious about them
  • Reminding myself that I’ve got this 💪🏼

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