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Anything is Possible When You Are Aligned to it

Meet Ces, who had a business breakthrough after intensive Energy Alignment Method training.

Ces now helps soulful business owners to share their message through heart centered graphic design and branding.

Hey Ces! If you could first of all introduce yourself and share a bit about yourself
I’m Ces, a soulful creative mum who loves the life I have created here on the beautiful Dorset Coast. I have 3 teenage boys who are all creative in their own way too. My 4th son was still born at full term in 2006 and in the following difficult years my marriage ended. In 2015 I finally became more than a mum who worked relentlessly just to make ends meet. I invested in myself and did an 8 month intensive Energy Alignment Method training and mentorship course which enabled me to transform my life. My eyes and heart were opened to a new world of opportunities and I am so full of gratitude for everything I have in my life now and all I am still to manifest.

Tell me a bit more about your business and how you first came up with the idea
I have wanted to be a designer since I was at primary school. I used to ice and decorate plain biscuits, make my own pretty packaging, selling them to classmates, then as a teenager I’d make and sell glittery Card designs to family friends and neighbours. I qualified with Higher National Diploma then BA(Hons) degree Graphic Design and worked in agencies designing for global brands for several years but hated the structure and politics of a corporate life. I went self employed in 2002 and designed for a wide variety of industries however the real breakthrough in my business came in 2015 after my EAM transformation when I gave myself permission to ONLY work with clients that it fills me with joy to design for. I rebranded my business to “Inspired To Inspire – Abundance By Design” and I attract wonderful soulful business owners who are passionate about ‘helping others’ and ‘making a difference in the world’ through their work. I create ‘High Vibe’ branding and promotion design that helps my clients become a soulful magnet for their dream customers. My services are unique, intuitive and heart focused as I create in real time over screen share, infusing designs with my client’s passion and ensuring results they love.

Inspired to Inspire

What have been the best and worst things that have happened since you’ve been in business?
The worst thing that has happened during my business journey was my excitement for designing waning during the period I was working for ‘any client’ I could, rather than ‘only clients I was aligned to’ because my focus was on making money to pay the bills and look after my 3 boys rather than being on sharing my empowering energy and intuitive creativity with those who have a purpose in the world that is in synchronicity with my own passion for raising the vibration of the planet and transmitting a positive message to those who need help. I learnt that when you do the inner work first and then take aligned action in business marketing, the universe delivers an abundant flow of clients who are delighted to work with me and appreciate my creative help.

If you could go back in time, would you change anything?
I believe that everything on our life journey happens for a reason and the negative things are something we have needed to experience to evolve to a place of higher good, even if that seems impossible to see at the time. There is plenty of advice I would give my younger self but there is no point having regrets.

How do you fit in running your business with your family?
I love my life in that I have complete flexibility with my working hours. My eldest son has been diagnosed with several personality disorders and mental health issues. He tried to kill himself the day before his 18th Birthday and although I don’t have young children I do sometimes have to re-organise my days to support him through a difficult phase in his life. His goal is to become self employed in the design industry, creating products with his own design style and I am looking forward to helping make his dream a reality. Also, my working hours are pretty fluid, if I am working for clients in different time zones I can be flexible and whenever I want to take some time out to go and enjoy a beautiful beach walk or forest trek, I can.

Ces Rosanna Price

Who do you look up to in business?
I admire people who are authentic in business, show up as themselves, own their unique brand and shine with an inspiring passion to serve others with the gifts they have. That makes my heart sing. These are the incredible souls I am honoured to design for.

I know so many… to name a few who inspire me every day: Laura Lucas, Susan Smalley, Leigh Campbell, Jo Soley, Emma Burford.

Are you a member of any networking groups or other associations which help support your business growth?
I am a member of lots of online groups and networks but don’t go to regular face to face networking. I enjoy attending events that are full of my soul sisters and dream clients such as monthly Conscious Living Events in Dorset who host such amazing guests as Kyle Gary, Charlie Morley, Rebecca Campbell to mention just a few. Big thanks to founder Claire Quartell and the wonderful soul making these events possible now as the business has evolved over the years, Clara Apollo – she does an amazing job organising incredible events.

What habits or rituals help you get set up for each day?
I AM manifesting beautiful results with I AM affirmations and journalling every day. I also do daily #Gratitude heart doodles which I have been doing for almost a year now. At the start of each week I create a “My Amazing Week” chart with all the things I want to achieve that week as if I have already achieved them, then I tick them off as I do 🙂
I also listen to creativity meditation binaural beats and play my Tibetan singing bowls whenever I feel drawn to. I love going to sound healing groups and 1-2-1 sessions, using music to raise my vibration.

What’s the one golden nugget of business advice you’ve been given?
Doing the same thing and expecting different results is insanity. If you want to change the results you are getting, trust your intuition, welcome the right support, do the energy work first and then take aligned action. Also remember YOU are enough… don’t worry about what other people are doing, embrace your own unique style and desires and focus on that.

What 3 words would you use to describe your ‘business self’?
Creative. Intuitive. Inspiring. 

What 3 business tips would you pass onto other mums who are running a business?
1) Do You Love Your Brand Image? When you do then your visibility is boosted with genuine high vibe alignment energy. If something about it just doesn’t quite feel right though, perhaps you’ve evolved since it was first created and it just doesn’t reflect what you offer now? There could be an easy fix, little tweak that could make all the difference and help you up level to attract more of your ideal clients. Please if something doesn’t feel right… find out what it is and change it 🙂 Your Brand Image is your Brand Soul and Evolving is good.

2) Be Consistent. Showing a consistent brand image and theme from your logo / website / opt-ins / products and services to social media presence / share graphics / promotion and printed marketing has a massive influence over perceived brand value and being consistent with the right image will attract more of your ideal customers.

3) Be Confident in your own unique brand. There may be many others in the same industry but there is only one of you doing things in the exact way you do and when your branding and marketing is infused with your personality and genuine passion to help others with your product or service then you will attract exactly the right customers for you.

And finally, where can we find you online?
Ces Rosanna Price | creative.ces@gmail.com
Website:  inspiredtoinspire.co.uk
Facebook:  facebook.com/BeInspiredtoInspire
Instagram: instagram.com/cesrosannaprice 

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