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What I Offer

1:1 Coaching or EFT Tapping

Re-discover yourself and create a life by design where you feel emotionally free, fulfilled and abundant. 

My job is to get you from A-B, so I combine gentle EFT Tapping and supportive coaching with my 12 years’ business knowledge to ensure you have a first-rate experience in our time working together and make progress in the right direction.

During our sessions, you’ll heal past wounds and release old limiting beliefs, and will then start to cultivate a deeper sense of self-worth as you grow in confidence. You’ll be encouraged to set achievable goals and push yourself out of your comfort zone; fully supported with me as your cheerleader and accountability buddy.


Tapping into Money Mastery™ is a healing program to help you repair and re-define your relationship with money and wealth.

If you’re not getting the financial success you yearn for, you may relate to having sub-consious blocks around money and self-worth which are holding you back from the results you desire and deserve.

Perhaps you feel frustrated because you’re doing the ‘right’ things, but there’s something deeper which keeps getting in the way.

This powerful in-depth mastery program will help you heal your money wounds and trauma, realise your personal strengths, create balance in your life and ultimately make more money in your business.


Enroll on one of my free or paid courses or workshops, all delivered via impactful video lessons. 

If you enjoy self-paced learning and want courses which are straightforward, fun and interactive, you’ll enjoy working through my courses.

My style of training is informal and I do my best to ensure you get a great learning experience. I have a no-yawn guarantee, which means no dull PowerPoints or waffling!

Plus, you’ll get full support via email or my Facebook group. Head to ‘The Abundance Hub’  to register and choose a course to suit you.


Suzannah’s coaching sessions have provided me with amazing tools, clarity and focus to create my dream business from scratch.

Her coaching materials, courses and other resources are of the highest quality and very thorough.

I have found the weekly accountability check-ins between our sessions to be very valuable in helping me to attain my goals.

I’m well on the way to creating my ideal website and new offerings for my clients and customers.

I highly recommend Suzannah as a coach and mentor.

Claire Casely

Coach, The Faery Whisperer

I highly recommend Suzannah. She has been a fantastic coach, mentor & EFT therapist and has helped me through some tough challenges.

Suzannah helped me to overcome low-confidence, particularly at a time where I was going through a painful break-up.

Suzannah helped me to piece things together and make sense of things in a comforting way. She also helped me to feel like a weight had been lifted as I found it difficult to release my emotions before our session.

I came away from our session knowing exactly what I needed to do. My head didn’t feel as overwhelmed and I wasn’t hurting as much as I was before we spoke. Thank you so much Suzannah!

Lisa Ferris

Virtual Assistant, Your VLA

I had my first ever EFT Tapping session with Suzannah today and it was wonderful!

I have to admit I was nervous and a bit unsure of what to expect but Suzannah put me at ease.

She was wonderful and so skilled at helping me get things out that I had been burying.

Yes, it was emotional but even after one session I really do feel a shift in me; just using the technique, talking and getting ‘stuff’ out has been so, so helpful. I can’t wait for the next one!

Gayle Macdonald

Sobriety Coach, Sober Bliss

Five reasons to work with me…



Perhaps you’ve already tried coaching and self-development, but they were only beneficial in the short term and you’re ready for long-term results that last. This is where EFT Tapping can help! If you’re serious about wanting things to change, I’ll help you identify what’s been sabotaging your happiness and success so you can create the change you desire.



There’s nothing I love more than seeing my clients shine and prosper. But that all starts with you and the decision to go ‘all in’ on your own healing and self-development. When you have accountability, you’re  much more likely to reach your goals than going it alone. I’ll hold you to account and encourage you to take the action you need to move forward.



Past clients describe me as being supportive and nurturing. Your safety and security is paramount, so I’ll always do my best to create a space where you’re free to be vulnerable as we work through your issues together. Sometimes EFT Tapping sessions can get emotional, so I’ll always ensure you’re feeling grounded before we end each session.



Being a good coach and EFT Tapping practitioner is important to me. I’m well aware of the impact that trauma can have from my own personal experience of recovering from Complex PTSD and from my work with hundreds of women in business. Hence I’ve attended various courses about trauma, recovery and somatic healing from reputable sources.



That’s the overall aim, right?! To create a life and business by design where you get to define what success and financial abundance looks like. In addition to my experience as a Coach and EFT Tapping Practitioner, I also have a wealth of knowledge from my 12 years’ of running online businesses which you can benefit from. I’ll help you create a profitable business which feels joyful and aligned.

Are sessions delivered online?

Yes. We’ll work together via Zoom video call, so you can relax and feel at ease in the comfort of your own home.

What packages are available?

I currently offer a 6 or 12 week package which includes Voxer support (voice messaging) in between sessions and a written summary of each session.

I'm nervous about trying EFT, what should I do?

It’s completely normal to feel nervous or silly when you first start out with tapping. Try tapping along with some of my videos on YouTube in the first instance, as this will help you get used to where the points are located. We’ll take things slowly and my calming nature will help you feel at ease within minutes.

What if I cry during a session?

EFT Tapping is very effective at getting to the root cause of issues, so sessions can be emotional. It’s completely normal to cry, in fact it’s a positive thing because it means you’re healing. I am not here to judge you and will help you work through any emotional issues with compassion and kindness.

Are there any side effects?

There are no known adverse effects from using tapping, but I’d always recommend consulting with your G.P. if you have any medical issues. 

During and after a session you might experience some physiological feelings such as yawning, tingling, tiredness, shakiness or feeling thirsty. These are all normal and subside quickly.

What results will I get?

It would be unethical for me to make false claims or promises, however, most of my clients start to feel positive shifts after just a few sessions. You may find that your overall happiness and confidence increases and you feel more motivated to take actions which you’ve been afraid of, or have been putting off. 

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