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Meet Superstar Tribe Inner Circle member Leanne who runs her own business teaching yoga

Hi Leanne, if you could first of all introduce yourself and say a bit more about yourself
Hi, I’m Leanne and I’m a yoga teacher teaching at a few locations in NE Surrey.  I trained with Appleyoga and completed a 240hr certification in teaching yoga.  I actually started to teach in March 2016 when my son was nearly two years old.  This was partly for childcare reasons but also because I needed a certain amount of confidence to get started.  My training encouraged me to fight any demons I had/still have which for me was not fitting in with the stereotypical image of the super slim yoga teacher.

Tell me a bit more about your business and how you first came up with the idea
I decided to become a yoga teacher because my passion in life is learning, I knew that I didn’t want to be working for someone else, not because I’m scared of hard work but because it is scary knowing that someone can try to make your life hell just because they don’t like you.  My yoga company is called Prioryoga because it’s my Mum and Aunt’s maiden names and they are my inspiration for yoga.  I’m in the fortunate position of being a stay at home mother when I’m not teaching so my business funds itself in so much that any money I make teaching I put back into advertising and training.

How do you fit in running your business with your home and family?
I tend to teach at the weekend and in the evenings when my son is asleep and my husband is there to look after him.  His nursery are rather flexible and there have been occasions when I’ve taught during the lunch hour.  I’ve built up my teaching hours around my son’s needs.

How do you cope with overwhelm?
Great question! A mixture of yoga, meditation and taking a step back from things.  I have had depression in the past though I’m in a very good place right now and it reminds me to break things down, hourly if I need to before looking at the big picture.

How do you find the time to grow your business?
Honestly with the help of the Superstars tribe, reminders and I’m one for lists.  My best time of the day is in the morning when my son is at pre-school.  If it’s a weekend when my husband is at home it’s still in the morning before they are up and about. Yes, I feel very grateful that my son is a fan of lie ins!  For Goal setting I have a calendar on my wall and diary on my desk that helps.  Training for me is the various yoga classes and workshops that I go to and self-development is my love of reading, which is usually done late at night and early in the morning.  One of my goals is to go back to reading way more non-fiction books.

What’s been the lowest point in your business journey?
I think in business as well as in work we all have at least one nemesis, though that person is also the person to help us grow whether they want to or not.  Teaching yoga is tough in the sense that you have to be able to stand up in front of a group and not only speak about what the class is going to be doing but also show what they are going to do.  I received an email from the manager of a club where I teach who had forwarded to me another email where a student had told the manager that I was a poor teacher and that he had seen I was covering a class and he left without coming in the room.  The manager confirmed to me that he thought that this student was being ‘out of order’ and wanted to hear my side of things.  Fortunately, I have a pretty good memory for names and faces and I remembered that this particular student had come to a few of my earlier classes when I had just started to teach and was not as confident.  I explained that this was the case and although I don’t think looking back that I was awful, I know that I’ve grown in leaps and bounds since then and still plan to grow in my teaching and self practice in the future.

Prior YogaWhat’s been your most amazing moment in your journey so far?
It’s really tricky to pinpoint one moment for me because it’s each time when a student really gets a concept or if they are trying really hard.  I have a student who practices and teaches martial arts outside of my classes and because another student wanted to learn how to practice a headstand I taught it in one or two of my classes before deciding that it was not safe for the size of the class.  However, the martial arts student took on board what I had told him and went from not knowing how to do a headstand to being able to do it.  It’s that eureka moment when students just get it even if they go from touching their thighs in a forward fold to begin with to going further.

How did you find out about Suzannah and Superstar Tribe Inner Circle?
Facebook – probably one of the adverts.

What inspired you to join the Inner Circle?
Probably curiosity to begin with as I’ve tried a few similar things though what has encouraged me to stay is that I really love Suzannah’s videos and there are various challenges that we are given that helps me to stay on track working towards my goal.  I love that Suzannah is charming and not pushy as I’ve found that the language that coaches use is important to me and Suzannah’s style works for me.  I’m also finding that the other members in the group interact well and have interesting businesses that I want to find out more about.

What do you like best about being in the Inner Circle?
I love the competitions and challenges.

If your business hadn’t worked out, what would you have done?
The answer to this is a work in progress because I can only physically teach yoga for so many hours.  I am exploring what I would do to complement my business and many things have crossed my mind including working in a bookshop and working in a library, however, although I’m inclined to be a bookworm introvert I feel that I still have more to offer people and I’m a caring person by nature so I would look at doing something in the field of Psychology.  I have a particular interest in a personality trait that people do not have enough awareness of, which is referred to as the Highly Sensitive Person (as studied by the Psychologist Elaine Aron), without the understanding of this trait all sorts of things can happen, which I won’t go into here, but I do find it very interesting.

Describe how your business looks now, what’s next?
Currently I teach up to five classes a week.  I’m looking to grow the students in one of those classes, build up more of a community in my gym/studio classes and create more children’s classes and workshops.

What advice would you pass on to other women in business?
Look into building your confidence, whilst staying humble. Surround yourself with a group of people who help you to grow rather than put you down and can help lift you up on a down day.

And finally, where can we find you online?

Website: prioryoga.com
Facebook: facebook.com/PriorYoga
Twitter: twitter.com/prioryoga
Pinterest: pinterest.co.uk/prioryoga

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